Monday , 18 December 2017
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How to Mix

It is all about technique. That is what separates the players from the posers in the world of DJ mixing. Check out the essential scratches every mix master should know.

Baby scratch

Creator: Grandwizard Theodore

Style: Push and pull the record back and forth in a rhythmic motion at a slow speed. This is the foundation for all scratching.


Creator: DJ Flare

Style: Turn on the fader, move the sound forward, then turn the fader off and on. Continue moving the record forward and back while turning the sound off and on quickly.


Creator: Unknown

Style: Move the record forward or backwards while creating pauses. Keep your hand placed on the record at all times.


Creator: Spinbad

Style: Move the crossfader to a rhythm while dragging the record back and forth.


Creator: Unknown

Style: Start with your fader open, pull the sound backward, close the fader, open the fader and push the sound forward. Your hands should move together at the same time.

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