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Armand van Helden

Armand van Helden (born February 16, 1970) is a Dutch DJ and producer of electro house music from Boston, Massachusetts. At the age of 13, he bought a drum machine and started DJing two years later. He was one of the main proponents of the genre Speed Garage, remixing various artists such as Janet Jackson, Juliet Roberts, KRS-One, and Sneaker Pimps among others with this musical style. He is closely linked to the electronic music scene of New York.

Armand Van Helden

He returned to Boston in 1988, moonlighting as a DJ in Boston clubs. Armand attended college in Boston. He quit his legal-review job in 1991 to work as a remixer under the management of Neil Petricone and X-Mix. He took up a DJ residency at the Loft, a top Boston nightclub at the time. Armand released his first official single, a mix of Deep Creed’s “Stay On My Mind” through Nervous Records.

Armand released “Move It To the Left” (credited to Sultans of Swing) in 1992 on the Strictly Rhythm label, which became a moderate club hit and led to a string of singles released under several monikers for that label. His first track to make the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart was “Witch Doktor,” which made the top 5 in 1994, and led to opportunities to remix acts such as New Order, Deep Forest, Jimmy Somerville, Deee-Lite, and Faithless.

Armand Van Helden on stage at the Sydney Good Vibration festival

“Cha Cha” was another top-ten dance hit from his first album, Old School Junkies: The Album, which was released in 1996, along with “The Funk Phenomena.” A greatest hits album appeared the next year, followed by a breakbeat album later in 1997. “U Don’t Know Me” was a number two hit on the Billboard dance chart, a number one hit in the United Kingdom, and a top 20 single on the pop charts in Australia and Canada. The song was the breakout track from his 2Future4U album, which was released stateside on Armand’s own label, Armed Records.

His greatest successes have been the remix of the song “Professional Widow” by Tori Amos, “My My My” featuring Tara McDonald (containing a sample of “Comin Apart” by Gary Wright), as well as “U Don’t Know Me,” (with a sample from Carrie Lucas “Dance With You”) which is van Helden’s own work.



Released: 2005

Armand Van Helden- Nympho


1. Nympho

2. Sugar

3. Jenny

4. When The Lights Go Down

5. Brainwashing

6. Hot City Nites

7. Come Play With Me

8. The Tear Drop


Gandhi Khan

Released: 2001

Armand Van Helden-Gandhi Khan


1. Karma Knowledge

2. Gandhi Khan

3. I Can Smell You

4. Mongoloid Sessions

5. Why Can’t You Free Some Time For Me

6. Don Chiconelli Pt. 1

7. The Robots Are Cumming

8. Kentucky Fried Flow

9. Oxtail And Curried Goat

10. Doovooooo

11. Don Chiconelli Pt. 2

12. (Girl) You Got Me

13. Scarface Wiggle

14. Chocolate Covered Cherry

15. The Great Serpent God

16. Heed The White Seed

17. Flyaway Love Pt. 2

18. Good Whoman Being


Killing Puritans

Released: 2000

Armand Van Helden- Killing Puritans


1. Little Black Spiders

2. Full Moon

3. Breakdancers Ball

4. Koochy

5. Watch Your Back (The Headhunters)

6. Hybridz

7. Flyaway Love

8. House Boxing

9. Swampthang

10. Conscience



Released: 1999

Armand Van Helden- 2Future4U


1. Mother Earth

2. The Boogie Monster

3. Business As Usual (Interlude)

4. Psychic Bounty Killaz

5. Rock Da Spot

6. U Don’t Know Me

7. Alienz

8. Summertime

9. Yeast (Interlude)

10. Necessary Evil

11. Entra Mi Casa

12. Flowerz


The Funk Phenomena

Released: 1997

Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena


1. The Funk Phenomena

2. I Feel It

3. Nrongo Ra Mrongo

4. Psychic Bounty Killaz

5. Donkey

6. Break Da 80’s

7. Witch Doctor

8. Allright

9. Hey Baby

10. Work Me Gadamit ’96

11. The Funk Phenomena (Ras Mix)

12. Witch Doctor (Da Junkies Remix)


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