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Josi Chave

Born and bred in Soweto (Diepkloof), Josi Chave is one of those unrated producers and underground Djs. Josi Chave real name ‘Josias’ as affectionately known, derives the stage name from his birth name and the “Chave” was taken from the Portuguese language meaning key. So it the name actually means “The key to house Music, the key to unlocking new opportunities within our music industry”.

Josi Chave

The talent can be traced back to the tender age of age of 12. Life became “monotonous” and he got introduced to the industry by his brother and current business partner. He started playing at birthday parties and weddings. Only a few can buy equipment with the money made from the gigs. With equiptment bought. The self-taught Dj saw him land opportunities to play for cooperate events organised by Vodacom and Standard Bank to name a few.

He enrolled in a music production course at the one of South Africa’s reputable stables; Soul Candi in 2002 being the first student at The Soul Candi Music Institution. After the course completion he landed numerous jobs including freelance work at Jazzworx. In 2004 his work paid off when he hopped from a sound engineer/producer to being an A&R Manager, assisting in finding local Hip hop talent across Johannesburg.

In Late 2005, he worked with another child hood friend – DOME (Mojalefa Tsotetsi) where he had an opportunity to be a part of tracks which were produced for Skwatta Kamp, Flabba, Mandoza, 985 and Pro Kid.

His skill reached to greater levels when he did jingles and ringtones for Cadbury and Peach Mobile proving that a Dj/Producer has to often push boundaries. As if the journey had begun, little did he know that life would truly begin after he matriculated. In 2006 He enrolled at the Academy of Sound Engineering for a 2 year Sound Engineering Diploma.Josi Chave on the tables

He passed top of his class and the School offered him a job as an I.T administrator as well as the freelance engineer for studios within the SABC. Another jump starting in the right direction was in 2006 when he was offered a contract from SHEER Records, at that time Sheer was one of the biggest Dance Recording Company.

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