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DJ Cleo

DJ Cleo or rather Cleopas Monyeapao comes from Gauteng’s East Rand, he began his musical career at the tender age of ten. Having Marabi styles close to his heart, and being a bass player.

DJ Cleo

DJ Cleo sought out programming and engineering skills, even doing a stint at Allenby Campus on sound engineering, as he pursued a new concept in musicianship, that being the marriage of musical instrumental skills, programming skills and engineering skills.

A fortunate meeting with Ashifa Shabba, afforded him the opportunity to work in radio at Y FM. DJ Cleo found producing for radio a natural extension of himself, and soon was exploring the producing full music for both himself and others.

DJ Cleo’s debut recording was “Will of Steel which featured on the DJ Glen Lewis/DJ Fresh’s “Gatecrasher double CD compilation. The release was in real terms a great success for Cleo, and genuinely a portent of things to come, as soon he was producing and composing more and more music for more and more people. In fact whilst it would be a while before DJ Cleo would see his own debut album released, the proceeds from “Will of Steel provided the wherewithal to start Will of Steel Productions (PTY) Ltd, his wholly owned label, production house and publisher, and many hits were first to follow.

In 2003, the first of string of other artist releases, with Cleo’s compositions and production abilities in full force, hit the market. Mzekezeke (first 2 releases, S’guqa ngamadolo & Storotoro) and Brown Dash (Puff and Pass) might arguably not have achieved the heights they have without the extraordinary production and songwriting input from Cleo.

Dj Cleo at the MTN SAMA Awards

In 2004, in between Pitch Black Afro and Brickz, Cleo released his debut solo album as DJ Cleo, which was critically acclaimed, and to a certain extent was a compilation of his work to date. He then followed in 2005, with undoubtedly Will of Steel’s biggest seller to date, his second solo release “Eskhaleni Ext 2”. One innovation that this release brought to the SA (and world) market was the creative approach linking opera and kwaito – with ‘Goodbye’ being the result.

Many of SA’s biggest contemporary artists and projects have sought out the outstanding producing and composing skills that Cleo brings to the table, Mandoza, Kabelo, Doc Shebeleza and the Coca Cola Popstars project are amongst a few.

This company certainly has the Will of Steel and is growing to be South Africa’s most sought after production stable as new Artists are being signed every year.

Es’khaleni 7

Released: 2010

Dj Cleo-Eskhaleni7


1. Good deep music

2. I’m loving you

3. Can you believe

4. Lalela lengoma

5. If u wanna fly

6. Try and love me

7. Aaaiiyy

8. Bhampa side to side

9. Eskhaleni brass band

10. Aaaiiyy (Remix)

11. B.O.B (Bring your own)

12. My mas se kind

13. Maninginingi

14. Hip Hip Hooray

15. Shapa Bafana Outro


Eskhaleni 6


DJ Cleo-Eskhaleni 6


1. Good Music

2. I’m Back

3. Young Nation

4. I call your name with love

5. Ndizayitya Lemali

6. When I first saw you

7. Ho Thata

8. Mzimba shaker

9. Jonna mma we

10. Amareke

11. Kuyafiwa

12. I just wanna


Es’ Khaleni Unit 5


DJ Cleo-Eskhaleni unit 5


1. Intro

2. I Approve

3. When I 1st saw you

4. Angel of love

5. Guten Tag

6. Unit 5

7. Mind ckufed

8. Hands up

9. Nisho njalo

10. I’m your DJ

11. Low Fat Beats

12. House arrest

13. More ruthless

14. Banana flavour

15. Katu katu


Eskhaleni Phase 4


DJ Cleo-Eskhaleni Phase 4


1. I may not be perfect

2. Don’t runaway

3. Ruthless

4. Wena ng’hamba nawe

5. Akulalwa

6. Jaiva juze kuse

7. Phase 4

8. East rand funk

9. Mind ckuf

10. Sunday morning

11. In memory of (Tiro)

12. Sorotoni

13. Do it (Bleksem)


Es’khaleni Zone 3

Released: 2006

DJ Cleo-Eskhaleni zone 3


1. Fallen

2. Gabz To Mbabane

3. Ndiya Ndiya

4. Disolification

5. Quarter To

6. Zone 3

7. Telefunk

8. She Wants Me All The Time

9. Bloemfontein

10. Bass Freek

11. Bass Lingo

12. Goodbye PT 2


Eskhaleni Ext. 2


DJ Cleo-Eskhaleni ext 2


1. Goodbye Fet. DJ What What

2. Do it again

3. Mabebeza

4. Extension 2

5. Durban’s dance 2005

6. Discolified

7. Clap your hands

8. Tlou

9. Dikota

10. Chocolate groove Feat. DJ Choc

11. Samba DJ

12. Feel the rythm Feat. Lois




DJ Cleo-Eskhaleni


1. Go On

2. Batlokwa

3. Funk U Up

4. Do It (Booty Shake Mix)

5. Zoey

6. Durbans Dance

7. Zoe

8. My Love

9. Assmatic

10. Es ‘Khaleni

11. Quarter Past

12. Springs

13. Jazztified

14. Dandelion

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