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DJ Clock

Kholile Elvin Gumede Better Known by his stage name DJ Clock is a South African DJ and producer, from a township in Vosloorus on the East Rand, South Africa.Dj Clock

His inspiration came from three fellow South African DJ’s and producers with legendary status like Glen Lewis, Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Fresh

DJ Clock burst into the house scene with his debut album ‘The First Tick’. East Rand born South African DJ and producer Clock based his music on his inspiration from the three South African DJ’s and producers Glen Lewis, Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Fresh.

He self-taught himself every studio recipe he knows. After achieving very little at school, he decided to follow up on his studio dream and when he saw the opportunity, he grabbed it and released his 14-track debut album ‘The First Tick’ in 2008. The album showed that Clock has talent.

In the years after DJ Clock released two albums in his Tick-trilogy. For the album ‘The Second Tick’ (2009) Clock collaborated with major players from the kwaito and hip hop scenes (Shugasmax, Jr., Brickz, Collin and Stanley). The heavy basslines and chord progressions where contributed by Mooketsi Motaung.Dj Clock showing us how he does his stuff on channel O

His latest album, ’The Third Tick’ (2010) contains featurings of Rok Boys, Bantu Soul, Thabo Molloshow, Shisaboy, Proffesor, Jerah, Bleksem and DJ Cleo. Music has always been centre of DJ Clock’s universe, from a very young age he became absorbed by the various components that shaped a beat. This fascinating soon moved to the realm of Djing and House music.

The Third Tick


Dj Clock-Third Tick


1. Uthixo Undiphile Amandla (umthandazo) Featuring Thabo Mollo

2. Uyang-thola Featuring Bantu Soul

3. Femme Fatale Featuring Mpho Maboi

4. Oyedwa Featuring Rokboys

5. D -n B Beat

6. Bayang-sukela Featuring Bleksem & Dj Cleo

7. Hypersonic

8. Ngomso Featuring Shisaboy

9. Sika Mareiza Featuring Professor

10. Distortion

11. Colours Of Sunset Featuring Jerah

12. Something Good Featuring Bhekzin Terris & Reloaded

13. Rehab

14. Party Mood Featuring Kickstart


The First Tick

Released: 2008

Dj Clock-First Tick


1. High Voltage

2. Umahamba Yedwa

3. Dusk n Dawn

4. Electro Vibe

5. Pitch Modulation

6. U Raise Me High

7. Diada ft Ekurhuleni Choir

8. Take it Easy

9. Guitar

10. Ngyakuthanda

11. Jazz in Jail

12. Illanga Lishonile

13. Africanism

14. Courage


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