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DJ Mbuso

Mbuso Tulwana was born in Orlando West, Soweto; DJ Mbuso began by creating mix tapes and later, with his brother, started one of the biggest annual parties in Soweto. During 1997 he freelanced until securing a residency at “Stage” nightclub before winning the “Camel Vinyl Experience Meltdown” in 1999. Mbuso then became resident at “Lilo Productions” events and in early 2000 got the prime weekend dance slot on “Y-FM” Radio.DJ Mbuso

His first compilation, “Urban House Mix”, was released in 1999 by Sony Music.

In 2001 DJ Mbuso teamed up with partner Harael Salkow and bought the “Sugartrax” vinyl store in Rosebank that he’d been working at for the last two years and converted it into the Soul Candi dance brand. “Soul Candi Session 1” was released in 2003.

His first self-produced album, “Shades of Maf & So”, was released in 2005, and in 2006 he split from Soul Candi and moved Phezulu Records as an independent project to Johannesburg.

DJ Mbuso began his career back in 1996 while studying Computer System’s at Vaal Technikon. He quietly developed his skill and searched Gauteng for the hottest music. He started making mix tapes and together with his brother started one of the biggest annual parties in Soweto.

DJ Mbuso

In 1997 he freelanced for various clubs and promoters until securing a residency at Stage nightclub-the most happening club of its time. Winning the Camel Vinyl Experience Meltdown in 1999 jump started him into the South African DJ scene.

Early 1999 DJ Mbuso was tracked down by local promoter Brendan Scalen and soon became resident for him at his Lilo Productions events. Early 2000 he was given the prime weekend dance slot on Y-FM (Saturday’s 8-10). To date, this has been the show featuring the most international DJ’s on South African radio.

The Reconstruction


DJ Mbuso-Reconstruction


1. oshi – intro

2. House Music

3. Music Lovers

4. Why

5. U make me wanna

6. Oh Yeah

7. Heard it all

8. Sister said

9. Mama

10. Lo Baby

11. Annoying drum

12. Roots

13. Le Guitar

14. Enter

15. Sunshine

16. Koteng machyneng


Phezulu Selections 2

Released: 2008

DJ Mbuso- Phezulu Selections 2


Disc 1

1. Music Is My Shelter

2. Love & Happiness

3. Runaway

4. Come Together

5. Living My Life

6. Paris

7. Turning Point

8. The Riddle

9. With You

10. Can’t Stop

11. Change You

12. Dark Flowers

Disc 2

1. Intro

2. Nothing But

3. 1st Assignment

4. Night of owl

5. His Presence

6. Fugama Anamathe

7. Run against the wind

8. Last Supper

9. Nutty’s Disko

10. Walking away

11. Saphir

12. Trip to Gazangora

13. Reunion

14. Day before your birthday


Evolution Of Maf & So

Released: 2007

DJ Mbuso- Evolution of Maf n So


Disc 1

1. Another Soweto Story

2. Mzansi Funk

3. Coopers Dance

4. Ndalo’s Link

5. Sthandwa Ft Butiza

6. Moscow Ft Mano T

7. Gazakstan Ft Mno T

8. Playstaion Ps 4

9. Savoir De Drum

10. Lungi’s Disko

11. Skeem Gp

12. Just Rumba

13. Tribute To Jabu

14. Dr Mbee’s Drum

Disc 2

1. The Dj Intro

2. Love Of A Differnet Kind

3. 7 Minutes And Counting

4. Moods

5. Cute Dubb

6. Amazing Grace

7. Flasher

8. Dance With Me

9. The Other World

10. Take It Back

11. Party Time

12. My Life

13. Love Is Ft Qairo


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