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Lady Lea

The founder of Divas on Decks, Lady Lea is an icon in the local music scene. Passionate about making music, Lady Lea has been in the music and DJ industry for 17 years. Lady Lea, now playing on CD players, vinyl and laptop, started DJing at the young age of 14.

Lady Lea

Since then, Lady Lea has been DJing around the world at various clubs, parties, raves, corporate events, fashion shows, festivals, parades, and sports games. Lady Lea is now rated the top female DJ in South Africa and is currently also rated # 368 in the world by the international DJ Mag voting poll.

On the 1st of March 1999, Lady Lea opened a record shop in Pretoria, called Flipside Records, which really became a much loved addition to the Pretoria music and DJ community. After that Lea successfully made the brand into a recording studio and record label, Flipside Recordings, and was soon producing her own music and recording her own albums.

In 2003 Lady Lea arrived back in South Africa from spinning in top clubs in the UK and working in the world’s top music retail store, HMV, as a singles and vinyl buyer.

Lady Lea at the iPhoneography exhibition in Sandton

One of Lady Lea’s dreams is to inspire people to do what they are passionate about and in 2009 Lea launched a female DJ agency called Divas on Decks, which main aims are to promote young, up and coming female DJ’s in a big way, help them grow as artists and reach their full potential and their dreams. Originally Lea was part of a group with 3 female DJs called Divas on Decks. Since Lea was the only Diva from the group still DJing full time, she decided to revive the brand and start the Divas on Decks agency, which now represents some of the best South African female DJs in South Africa and around the world.

Lady Lea is a versatile House DJ and plays house music ranging from electro, funky, deep, tech, minimal and progressive house. In early 2009, Lea also added Drum ‘n Bass to her repertoire to the delight of many Drum ‘n Bass fans in SA. Lady Lea has extensive DJing experience internationally and with the South African market in particular… Being able to play the right groove for any party and getting the crowd going is what Lea loves doing!


In mid-2009, Flipside Recordings became Beat Boutique, Lady Lea’s new record label under which 4 successful albums have been released thus far – Divas on Decks Vol. 1 Mixed by Lady Lea, Divas on Decks Vol. 2 Mixed by Tune Raider, Divas on Decks Vol. 3 Mixed by Boipelo and DJ Morgan: The King Edition.

Lady Lea completed annual European tours from 2006 – 2011 which has included Amsterdam, Ibiza and the UK. In 2007 she played at the German Love Parade to over 1.2 million people, as well as at the ICC T20 World Cup Cricket matches. On a weekly basis, Lea is featured on various TV and radio shows, newspapers, magazines, websites and flyers.

Currently, Lady Lea is one of the most booked DJ’s in South Africa. She has had over 20 residencies, and has been a guest DJ at almost every club in South Africa as well as various other countries. Lady Lea blends old & new sounds to create her trademark House sets that crowds love!


A Family Affair

Released: 2008

Lady Lea-Family Affair


Disc 1

1. Wet the System – House Da Funk

2. Dirt Floor Shuffle – Sound Diggers

3. Got That – Santiago and Bushido

4. Be Alright – Terrance Dizco

5. Huffy Fun Box – Sound Repulic

6. Whats My Name – Sexual Chocolate

7. My Junk – Lady Lea and Kyle Watson

8. Footsack – Raymond Mather

9. Ride the Pony – Afrostatic

10. For Everyone – Aston Shuffle

11. Get the Fuck up – Stupid Fresh

12. I Want More of You – Mark Webb

13. Killer – Wolfgang Gartner

14. Dirty Dream – Droplethora

15. Pianotight – Jamie Wamie

16. For Club Use Only – Benkay Djay

Disc 2

1. Nobody Move – Sidney

2. Side By Side – The Hitmen

3. Tomorrow – Dj Lee

4. Blow the Mind – Megara Vs Dj Lee

5. Party People – Steve Hill Vs Hardforce

6. Find Music – JTB and Dj Chuck E

7. Punk – Steve Hill Vs D10

8. Take Control Harder – Maziano

9. Blow Job Better Than No Job – Patrick Bunton

10. Move Your Move – Messiah Inc

11. Use Me – Blutonium Boy

12. I Shot the Blender – Hunter

13. Angel Heart – Techno Boy

14. 1980 – Citizen

15. Bass up – Messiah Inc


Catch me if you can-Third Time Lucky

Released: 2007

Lady Lea-Catch me if you can-3rd Time Lucky


1. Intro

2. Joy – Elektrons

3. Bring On The Night – Cloudkickers Ft Marcus

4. My Reflections – Osunlade Ft Divine Essence

5. Celebrate Your Life – Sis ‘N Jones Ft J Luv

6. U Don-t Know – Quentin Harris Ft Cordell McClary

7. Non Stop Feeling – Quality Control

8. So Hot – Sean Dimitre Ft Tim Fuller

9. Ladybug Mecca – Dogg Star

10. Get Up – Krimp

11. They Forgot It – Tarantulaz Ft Monique Bingham

12. Lady – Smokin Beats

13. Playtime – Troydon

14. Disco Swing – Greenskeepers

15. Get Loose – The Sound Republic

16. Bring Enough To Spill Some – Chuck Love

17. If – Colette

18. Weez – Outro

1. Intro – Weez

2. Solod Ur Heart – Matthew Garton Ft Candi

3. Positive Sense – Ryan Murgatroyd

4. I’m With Ya – Troydon

5. Keep Playing – Alan M Vs Yuri

6. Dance With Me – Ben Westbeech

7. Pizza Dog – Nick Supply Ft Chris Jack

8. Push It – Kyle Watson

9. Pluton – Sebastien Leger

10. Lovelee Dae – Blaze

11. Hiznhiz – Nick Supply And Khaled Nimry

12. Permanent Damage – Weez

13. Let Me Think About It – Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand      5:23

14. Epic Flow – Suriv

15. Sexy Hippie – Dean Fuel And Metcalfe

16. So Ready – Loft 17

17. V1 Suicide Robot – Electrixx Cumshot

18. Outro – Weez


Catch Me If You Can: 2nd Time Round

Released: 2006

Lady Lea-Catch me if you can-2nd time round


1. Intro

2. Learn to love (Chuck Love Mix)

3. Got to get up

4. Sunshine of your love (Lady Lea Remix)

5. Big Fun (D.O.N.S Old School Revival Mix)

6. All night long (Banna Mix)

7. Spaghetti groove

8. Money

9. Abacadabra (Round n Round) (Boy 8 Bit Remix)

10. Gypsy woman (Kurt Mavericks Boom bass remix)

11. Pulling me

12. Stay around (For this) (DJ Delicious & Till West Remix)

13. Why you have to leave (Distant Sounds Remix)

14. Put your hands up for Detroit (Ryan Murgatroyd Mix)

15. Goodbye

16. When I hear

17. Erotic Discourse

18. Outro



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