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Masters at Work

“Little Louie” Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez officially started their union as Masters At Work in 1990. Vega, a prodigious DJ around New York, met Gonzalez, a producer, through burgeoning house DJ Todd Terry. Gonzalez’s song “Salsa House” was a favorite of Vega, who fell for its Latin-influenced, everything-goes flavor. Desiring to remix the song, Vega asked Terry for an introduction, and almost instantly the two bonded over their insatiable appetite for music of all kinds.

Masters at Work members

Vega was born in the Bronx in 1965 and raised in an environment rich with Latin music. His father was an accomplished saxophone player and his uncle was renowned salsa singer Hector Lavoe (of Fania All Stars fame). While Vega embraced the music of his Puerto Rican heritage, it was his pair of club-hopping sisters – regulars at David Mancuso’s famous late-’70s Loft parties and at Paradise Garage – who introduced him to the vitality of dance music. Already taken with roller-disco and hip-hop, Vega attended Paradise Garage for the first time in 1980. There he witnessed the magic of DJ Larry Levan, whose ability to blend music from seemingly every genre and era into a seamless groove would foreshadow the spirit of Masters At Work. Through the mid-’80s, Vega began to make a name for himself as an up-and-coming DJ, playing house and freestyle in Bronx and Manhattan hotspots like Devil’s Nest, Roseland and Studio 54. He was also doing remixes and original rhythm tracks, including one of his early breaks remixing Information Society’s “Running” for Tommy Boy.

Masters at Work perfoming in Japan

Gonzalez was born in Brooklyn in 1970. As a kid, he initially shunned Latin music, falling in love with the rebellious party beats of hip-hop. He worked as a buyer in a local record store while a teenager, mastering his skills as a DJ playing on the side. In the late-’80s, Gonzalez and a friend began organizing popular neighborhood block parties under the guise Masters At Work. Gonzalez met Todd Terry through these parties and lent Terry the fresh MAW moniker for two eventual club hits – “Alright, Alright” and “Dum Dum Cry.” In return, Terry let Gonzalez borrow his drum machine and recording equipment, on which the blossoming producer recorded several tracks for the influential Nu Groove Records, including “Salsa House.”

Strictly MAW

Released: 2007

Masters at Work-Strictly MAW


Disc 1

1. Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix)

2. Congo (Ministry Anthem)

3. The New Anthem (Funky Budda Mix)

4. Curious (Vocal Mix)

5. Carnival 93 (The Mardi Gras Mix)

6. No Cure

7. Break Night

8. Generate Power (Wild Pitch Mix)

Disc 2

1. (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind (The Night Mix)

2. Zulu (Change Mix)

3. Get Up (Original Mix)

4. Jazz It Up (Extended Jazz)

5. I Get Lifted (Duck Beats)

6. I Get Lifted (The Bar Dub)

7. Blues For You (Hard Dub)

8. We Can Make It (Underground Network Mix)

9. Freedom (Make It Funky) (Colour On & On Strong Vocal Mix)

Disc 3

1. Reach (‘Little’ More Mix)

2. Who Dares To Believe In Me? (Original Mix)

3. Dancin (A ‘Little’-‘More’ Dub)

4. Beautiful People (Underground Network Mix)

5. Deep Inside

6. Luv Dancin (In Deep Mix)

7. The Warning (Inner Mix)

8. The Horn Song (Original Mix)

9. Follow Me (Club Mix)


In the House

Released: 2004

Masters at Work-In The House

Disc 1


1. Nos Vida (MAW Mix)

2. Ritmo Da Rua

3. Feeling Fine (Ricanstruction Remix)

4. Little Black Samba (DJ Oji Carnival Mix)

5a. Amour Kefe

5b. The Joburg Theme

6. I Can’t Believe I Loved Her (Tribal Mix)

7. Shake Dat Booty (Pal Joey Interpretation)

8. Jus’ Dance (KenLou Mix)

9. Gimme That Music (Alix Alvarez SOLE Channel Remix)

10. Invitation (Reminded Me Interlude)

11a. Dope Goes Back

11b. Strings Of Life

11c. Brighter Day (Acapella)

11d. I Go Back (Acapella)

12. Follow U (Kenny Dope Mix)

13a. Somehow, Somewhere (There’s A Soul Heaven) (MAW Dub)

13b. Somehow, Somewhere (There’s A Soul Heaven)

14. Girl With U

15. Nitelife

Disc 2

1a. Babylon

1b. Bad Habit (Accapella)

1c. Dreamin (Accapella)

2. Green Gold

3a. Future Rage

3b. Don’t Stop (Accapella)

4. Piri Wango Iya (Rise Ashen’s Morning Come Mix)

5a. Got Me Going

5b. Piri Wango Iya (MAW Dub)

6. Got Me Going

7. Never Again

8. Spread Love

9. Just Do It (Joey Negro Club Mix)

10. I Got Rhythm (Kenny Dope House Mix)

11. Higher (Kenny Dope Mix)

12. The World (EOL Mix)

13. Mozalounge (Jazz N Groove Remix)

14a. 3 AM

14b. Photograph Of Mary (Dub)

Disc 3

1. Always There

2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (MAW Dub)

3. Chic Mystique (MAW Club Mix)

4. Everybody Be Somebody

5. Bangin’

6. Are You Using Me?


Our Time is coming

Released: 2001

Masters at Work-Our Time Is Coming


1. Mr. V

2. Like a Butterfly (You Send Me)

3. Backfired

4. Work

5. MAW Expensive (A Tribute to Fela)

6. Our Time Is Coming

7. Lovin’

8. Every Now And Then

9. Lean on Me

10. Life Is But a Dream

11. Back in The Day

12. Latin Lover

13. Pienso En Ti (I Think of You)

14. Deep & Dirty

15. Michele’s Message


Session 5

Released: 1995


Disc 1


1. Deep Inside (Masters At Work Mix)

2. Keep On

3. Gotta New Love (Ralphi’s Extended Mix)

4. Deliver Me (Vocal Mix)

5. I Know A Place (E-Smooth Mix)

6. A Feeling

7. Odyssey

8. We Can Make It (Jazz ‘n’ Groove Mix)

9. Freek ‘n’ You (MK Dub)

10. Just Make That Move

Disc 2

1. Moonshine

2. Can’t Get No Sleep ’95 (Indy’s Tribin’ Mix)

3. Philadelphia

4. Come And Be Gone

5. Stay Together

6. Get Up Off Me

7. Love Changeover (Fire Island Vocal Mix)

8. Suffer (The Consequences)

9. I’ve Got Something For You (T.M.V.S. Vocal Mix)

10. Heaven

11. Oye Como Va (JM Hard Dub Mix)

12. Freaky

13. There Will Come A Day (Black Lozenge Mix)

14. Crime


The Album

Released: 1993

Masters at Work-The Album


1. Give It to Me

2. Donde Lo Conseguiste

3. Jeep Bonus

4. The Buddah Chant

5. Too Smooth

6. Get Up

7. Blood Vibes

8. Can’t Stop the Rhythm

9. When You Touch Me

10. All That

11. I Can’t Get No Sleep

12. The Buff Dance

13. It’s the Way to Live







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