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Mo Flava

Moeti Tsiki better known as Mo Flava was born on the 2 July 1984 in Dube, Soweto and raised by his grandmother, living with her till he started working. He grew up Going to some of the best schools in Gauteng, Mo Flava matriculated at North-cliff High school in 2002 saying he’s day’s there were the best of his life, and after initially wanting to study architecture, he then did a Media Studies diploma with Boston Media House, majoring in Media and Journalism.

Mo Flava

Being on the airwaves was his dream since he was 15 years old, Mo Flava was inspired by Bob Mabena, DJ Fresh, Chilli M, Bad Boy T, Sammy T and Jeremy Mansfield, just to name a few, taking him four years of hard work to getting where he is today, One can’t help but to be drawn to the man who hosts Flava in the morning on YFM.

Mo Flava demonstrating how he does what he does

Being proud of the fact that Mo Flava had a common childhood, When joining YFM, he had submitted his demo at the Y studio’s, at Rosebank then, and the same day received a call for an interview, he aced it the following morning and was an intern for three months on the graveyard shift. “I give my all in whatever I do, and if it doesn’t work out, I know I’ll look back brimming with smiles, because I would have given my all…though failure is not an option.”


House of flava 2


Mo Flava- House of Flava 2

Track List

1. Monotone – Invitation to Dance

2. Goodluck – Taking it Easy (DJ Qness Remix)

3. Glenn Fiasco – Idlozi

4. DJ Shimza – Going Higher

5. DJ Colastraw – Ntombizodwa

6. Mr.Cee – Xivumba

7. Eltonic – Ndiyindoda

8. DJ Shimza – Ngibize Ngegama

9. Josi Chave – Make It Rain

10. DeepHays – Rhythm Sublime

11. Pak Jones – For A Moment

12. Gene King – I am

13. UPZ feat. Kafele – Believing (Original Mix)

14. Phoenix Kayode – Downtime


The House of Flava

Released: 2010

Mo Flava- House of Flava


1. Still Breathing

2. For The Love Of You

3. Weapon of Choice

4. Choice

5. Our Time

6. Pray

7. Dlwati Poem

8. Make a Choice

9. Miss Real

10. Ubuntu Bethu

11. Simmer

12. Final Tide

13. Abataka

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