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Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa born on 23 November 1967, also affectionately known by his stage names Oskido, Oscar Warona, Godzilla or The Big O. After spending the first two years of his life with his South African mom (Emily Sophia Molefi), he moved to Bulawayo to stay with his Zimbabwean dad (Esaph Mdlongwa). He graduated at Gifford High School, Bulawayo and moved back to Letlhabile, Brits in 1988.Oskido

After leaving Zimbabwe to seeker greener pastures in South Africa, Oskido started out selling boerewors rolls from a stall outside Club Razzmatazz in Hillbrow. It was the early nineties, and late at night Oskido would sneak in to the club to jam to fresh house tracks. He became fascinated with dj-ing and occasionally took over while the DJ had a break. One night, Razzmatazzs resident didn’t pitch and he was asked to stand in. He hasn’t looked back since.

The early 90’s found Oskido selling boerewors sausage rolls outside the Razzmatazz nightclub in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, sneaking his way inside the club to spin the closing sessions and slowing down American house tracks to a tempo that “Africans could dance to”. One night, the resident DJ didn’t pitch up… and the rest is history.DJ-Oskido perfoming his latest song Tsa Madebele

Later teaming up with fellow producers Don Laka and Christos Katsaitis, they founded Kalawa Records and released their eponymous self-entitled BOP (Brothers of Peace) compilation in 1993. Establishing a network of DJs, musicians, producers and other hopefuls, the label turned into Kalawa Jazmee in 1995 after Mr. Katsaitis’ departure.


I Believe

Released: 2013

Oskido-I Believe


1. Oskido Tsa Mandebele

2. Bop Imali

3. Berita

4. Oskido Woza Nana

5. Infinite Boys Teka Teka

6. Oskido 5 Skippers

7. Benzy No Mzeyks Makarina

8. Dr.Mlainga

9. Thebe Samusa

10. Khelobedu

11. Oskido Phezu Kwayo


10TH Commandment – DJ’S only Limited Edition

Released: 2010


Disc 1

1. Thula Sizwe

2. Gubuluzing

3. On And On

4. Ama Vluit

5. Gimme Your love (Pex Africah remix)

6. Thandazela

7. Vuma Dlozi

8. The Rhythm

9. Shelani

10. Roxter’s Crazy Hr (4am)

11. Nationalisation

Disc 2

1. We Baba

2. Film (A Pex Africah Remake)

3. Born With Microphone (Hey Yah)

4. Banane Mavoko

5. Phez’kwayo

6. Uyangi’ Shela

7. Synth Song

8. Hyper Active

9. I Want More (Dj Micks Remix)

10. Simple Twist

11. Oskido I Believe (Eltonnick Remix)


8th & 9th Commandment

Released: 2009

Oskido-8 & 9th Commandments


1. Opening

2. I Believe

3. I’m Your Friend

4. Motho Waka

5. DJ’s Manifesto

6. Morning Bang

7. My Prayer

8. Uthando Lwakhe

9. Music Is High

10. Ngongo Fela

11. Fly Away Girl

12. Chinaman

13. Groove On

14. Make Your Move

15. Tribal Warriors (3)


Oskido’s Church Grooves 7

Released: 2008

Oskido-The 7th Commandment


1. Blesa (Intro 1)

2. Hondo (Intro 2)

3. Come Closer

4. Heartbreaker (Remake)

5. Mind Game

6. Nana (Remake)

7. Mexican Girl

8. What A Wonderful World

9. Mono T Jam

10. Mirror Dance

11. Fireface

12. Majesty

13. Flight 1T 139

14. Bangiloyele (Remix)

15. Last Supper


Oskido’s Church Grooves – The Sixth Commandment

Released: 2007

Oskido-6th Commandment


1. Special – Sara Devine

2. Wanyamalala – Oskido

3. Vuoi Vuoi Me – Mari Boine

4. Tembisa Funk – Mackson Aka Native And Lloyd Aka Dj Dos Santo

5. Shake Shake – Mama

6. In White Rooms – Booka Shade

7. My Rendition – The Martinez Brothers

8. Hold On – Sergio Flores Vs Mitomi Tokoto

9. World, Hold On – Bob Sinclair

10. Revolution – Oskido

11. Touched The Sky – Dennis Ferrer Ft Mia Tuttavilla

12. Ethna – Klement Bonelli

13. Untitled – Afefe

14. Faith Healer – Eric Kupper Pres K Scope


Oskido’s Church Grooves Vol 5

Released: 2006

Oskido-The 5th Commandment


1. Intro – Ashifashabba

2. Vertigo – Robbie Rivera

3. Body Resonance – Pasta

4. Mary Mary – Grand High Priest

5. Be Without You – M Jay B

6. My Joy – Leela

7. Redemption Song – Pressure Unit

8. South Africa – Oskido Feat. Mr. V And Miss Patty

9. Gimme – Afro House Maniacs

10. Sucre – John Tejada

11. Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo – Luisito Quintero Feat. Francis Mbappe

12. Bo Ningisa – SUMO Feat. Clarisse Muvemba

13. Klappa – DJ Gregory

14. Rites Of Passage – Mephisto Odyssey

15. The Undertow – Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

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